Long Term Disability Claim Lawsuits

Long term disability claim lawsuits are often necessary when disabled individuals are wrongfully denied the disability pay to which they are entitled. At Bernheim Dolinsky, LLC, our attorneys are highly experienced in this type of litigation, and we can stand up against long term disability insurance companies until our clients are awarded the compensation they deserve and depend upon to safeguard their health and their families’ security.

How a Disability Claim Attorney can help

When an injured person is pursuing a long-term disability claim with an independent company, it is important that he or she remains aware that, unlike the federal government, these companies are by no means impartial. On the contrary, these LTD (long term disability) companies have an interest in protecting their bottom lines by paying out as little money as possible to disabled individuals, and can often employ unscrupulous tactics to do this. An experienced long term disability lawyer from our firm can see through the trickery many of these companies rely on to ensure that our clients’ best interests are protected.

It is common for LTD companies to engage the services of investigators who will secretly follow claimants and even video tape them in an effort to gather evidence that they are not entitled to disability compensation. These investigators are highly skilled in misrepresenting claimants’ conditions by providing “evidence” which does not accurately portray their activities or lifestyles. LTD companies also frequently pretend to be supportive of claimants while they question them or convince them to release information which they will later use against them, or encourage them to submit to “independent medical examinations” by physicians on their payroll.

The long term disability lawyers at Bernheim Dolinsky, LLC see through the lies and tricks many LTD companies use to deny deserving claimants the compensation they need to safeguard their health and their families’ security. We can help disabled individuals correctly file all claim forms and protect their rights by properly responding to insurance companies’ requests for information. We will also accompany our clients to all interviews and examinations throughout the claims process to ensure they are treated fairly, file any and all claims for appeals, and pursue long term disability lawsuits for claims which have been wrongfully denied.

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If you suffer from a physical, mental, or emotional disability which renders you unable to maintain employment and you believe you are entitled to long term disability benefits, you need to know that insurance companies aren’t always on your side. To learn more about your rights and how the long term disability attorneys at our firm will fight to protect them, please contact us for a free legal consultation.

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