A Legal Malpractice Lawyer for Florida Claims

Florida attorneys are required to practice with a high level of professionalism. They must work ethically and professionally, always keeping in mind the client’s best interest. When a Florida attorney fails to do so, and this causes damages to the client, that attorney may have committed legal malpractice.

A legal malpractice attorney with the firm of Bernheim and Dolinsky is experienced in handling legal malpractice cases and we may be able to recover monetary damages for you as a result of another Florida attorney’s negligent or unethical actions.

What is Legal Malpractice?

In Florida, legal malpractice may consist of:

  • Failure to file in violation of a statute of limitation
  • Failure to file materials by a deadline
  • Trial Procedure Violations
  • Trial Errors, including failure to raise issues, forgetting to present evidence or withholding evidence, failure to raise proper objections, and others
  • Attorney negligence or failure to properly represent a client

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If you believe you have been a victim of legal malpractice in Florida, the legal malpractice lawyers at Bernheim and Dolinsky may be able to help you receive compensation for your losses.

Call us at 800-474-4089 or contact us online. With Bernheim and Dolinsky, LLC on your side, you will never fight alone.

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