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An important question an injured person has after they’ve been involved in a Florida accident is, “Who is going to pay my lost wages”? The answer to that question can be complicated depending on the type of insurance coverage available.

With the help of a lost wage claim lawyer in Florida, lost wages can be recovered from a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claim or from the person that caused your accident.

Several types of lost wages, including past and future wages, are potentially recoverable as the result of an accident. The lost wage claims attorneys at Bernheim & Dolinsky, LLC are experienced and eager to help. We utilize all means, including wage experts, to recover the maximum amount of possible lost wages that occur as a result of your Florida accident.

Future Loss Wage Claims in Florida

Future loss wages in Florida are a complicated issue. Often an injured person may have diminished capacity to earn future wages as a result of their permanent injuries.

Future loss wages claims must be very carefully pursued in order to get the best possible result. Over the course of your case, our Florida personal injury attorneys will work hard to ensure you receive all the future loss wage benefits for which you are entitled.

Lost Wage Claims Under the FLSA

FLSA (the Fair Labor Standards Act) is a federal law that protects workers from unfair wages practices, including an employer failing to pay overtime or paying below the set minimum wage. Unless a worker is “exempt” from coverage under FLSA, certain protections can apply regarding wages earned and leave time.

The Florida personal injury attorneys at Bernheim & Dolinsky, LLC are experienced at analyzing potential FLSA cases and can help up recover the wages you are entitled to.

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