Property and Casualty Claims

Property and Casualty Claims Insurance LawyersProperty Casualty claims typically involve prosecuting insurance companies for damage to your residential or commercial property and holding them responsible for what you are entitled to. Fire damage, flood damage, property theft, contractor’s negligence and hurricane damage are all areas where legal representation provided by property and casualty insurance lawyers is most probably essential in dealing with insurance companies to ensure that you obtain the maximum recovery allowable.

At Bernheim and Dolinsky, LLC, our Property Casualty Claims insurance lawyers are committed to helping you gain compensation for your property damage and property losses. We work purely on a contingency fee basis when handling property insurance claims and only receive money if we recover money for you.  There are also instances where our fees can be paid directly by the insurance carrier.

With over 25 years of experience, with property insurance claims, our seasoned attorneys have successfully prosecuted many property casualty cases in the Florida area. We understand how frustrating this process can be while dealing with a devastating loss and are here to assist in the Property and Casualty claims process.

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Property Casualty Claims Areas

The term “Property Casualty” can legally cover a wide range of man-made problems and natural disasters. Our property casualty insurance lawyers at Bernheim and Dolinsky, LLC have represented clients in many areas of property and casualty claims, including:

  • Fire damage
  • Flood damage
  • Property theft
  • Contractor’s Negligence
  • Hurricane damage

Property Casualty Insurance Claims

For most people, property casualty insurance is a costly exposure. In return for high premiums, insurance companies promise to protect you and your property when catastrophes like hurricanes, property theft, contractor’s negligence, house fires and floods occur.

Some insurance companies are honorable when it comes to compensation for property and casualty insurance claims. Some are not.

At the firm of Bernheim and Dolinsky, LLC, our property casualty insurance lawyers know how to deal with dishonorable insurance companies. We have spent many years assisting homeowners and businesses in negotiating the frustrating legal process involved in seeking full compensation. To provide you with the justice you deserve, we will work hard to ensure the insurance companies honor their part of the insurance contract.

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Do you have a Property Casualty insurance claim that you feel is not being honored? Has your business experienced financial hardships due to property damage or loss? Do you feel that an insurance company is giving you a low-ball offer on your property insurance claim?

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