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Our product liability attorneys have extensive experience in holding manufacturers responsible when their conduct fails to adequately protect consumers as required by law.  Companies and manufacturers have a responsibility to produce, market, distribute and sell safe products.  The responsibility doesn’t end there, in that they also have a responsibility to make sure that the products entering the marketplace contain adequate instructions and warnings pertaining to their use.  All too often manufacturers put profits over safety and fail to live up to these responsibilities thereby resulting in serious injuries or death.  Profits should never be put ahead of the safety of consumers.  When clients have turned to our attorneys for help because they or their loved ones have suffered harms and losses from a dangerous product, we have successfully held those manufacturers responsible time and time again.

Product Liability Lawsuit

The first thing our product liability attorneys do when presented with a new case is undertake a thorough investigation of the product, manufacturer, and the specific incident or facts pertaining to our client’s case. The initial proper preservation of the evidence is of the upmost importance in product liability litigation. Next we begin the process of holding all companies and manufacturers responsible.  We have handled a full spectrum of defective product liability cases including those involving medical devices, pharmaceutical drugs, defective automobiles and automobile parts such as tires and seatbelts, and a vast array of other products.  Product liability cases many times arise out of poor construction, a flawed design, improper testing of the product, improper/misleading or inadequate labeling, or improper marketing.  We have also seen that when a company is involved in wrongdoing that causes harm, they rarely voluntarily accept full responsibility, if any at all.  Our proven track record has resulted in obtaining full compensation for our clients and referrals from lawyers nationwide that turn to us to co-counsel cases with them.

What is Strict Liability?

Strict liability applies to product liability cases in most states.  The “strict liability” doctrine was brought about because of how important it is to hold manufacturers, designers, sellers, distributors, and marketers responsible when a dangerous product enters the stream of commerce and ends up in the hands of consumers.  When a state’s product liability laws fall under the strict liability doctrine it basically means that a designer, manufacturer, marketer, seller, or distributor of a dangerous product does not need to be aware of a product defect to be held accountable.  If an unreasonably dangerous product causes an injury, then the company or manufacturer involved with that product getting to an end user can be held accountable.

This doctrine of strict liability is especially important in leveling the playing field for consumers who probably don’t have the resources to take on a manufacturer or large company involved in the development, manufacture or sale of a product when the use results in injury or loss of a loved one.

Why Choose Us?

Thousands of consumers annually become innocent victims from unreasonably dangerous and defective products. Recalls many times happen too late.  Companies many times fail to take the proper measures and precautions to prevent harms and losses from a dangerous product.  We have the experience, resources, and compassion to help.  Our attorneys always fight hard and aggressively to obtain full compensation.  We handle cases involving everything from minor injuries and lacerations to serious catastrophic injuries and death.  We level the playing field because we have been in the fight before and know what it takes to protect consumer’s rights.  Below are some of the practice areas pertaining to Product Liability law that we are involved in.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free, no obligation case evaluation.

Areas of Product Liability

Dangerous DrugsDangerous Medical Devices
ActosArtelon CMC Spacer
AllopurinolAvaira Contact Lenses
AvandiaBard IVC Filter
ChantixBivona Neonatal Tubes
GranuFloDenture Cream
LexaproDePuy ASR Hip Implant
PradaxaDePuy LPS Diaphyseal Sleeve
PropeciaDePuy Pinnacle Utamet Hip Implant
TopamaxMedtronic Infuse Bone Graft
YazShoulder Pain Pump
ZoloftStryker Hip Implant
Transvaginal Mesh
Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Replacement
Zimmer NexGen Knee Implant
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Energy Drinks

Areas of Practice

Personal InjuryClass ActionProduct Liability
AsbestosQui TamProperty and Casualty Claims
Wrongful DeathMesotheliomaMass Torts
Pharmaceutical Drug LitigationInsurance Claims

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