4X Infared Monocular Hunting Camera Night Vision With HD Screen Day and Night Vision Telescope Video for Hunting Sights Scope 300m

$113.84 $424.78



 Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)





Resolution of screen


VGA(640x480@30FPS )

TF card (32G included)

 Support SDHC 4GB~32GB

Digital zoom


Infrared illuminators

 850nm 3W Infrared LED and 7 levels IR switch

Time stamp

 date and time on picture and video

Observing distance

 300m (full dark environment)

Working power voltage

 7.5V power


 5 x AA batteries (not included)

Image resolution

 1M (1280x960), VGA (640x480)

Video resolution

 960P (1280x960 @ 30FPS), 720P (1280x720 @ 30FPS), VGA (640x480 @ 30FPS)


 F1.2 large aperture, f = 25mm

Lens angle

 FOV = 10 °, diameter 24mm


 1.5 "TFT high-definition display on the inner screen, 40x30mm


 up to 32G TF card (Not included)

USB interface

 Micro USB 2.0





Automatic shutdown

 1 minute / 3 minutes / 5 minutes / 10 minutes / OFF

Infrared lamp

 3W, 850nm strong infrared spotlight, 7 infrared adjustment

All black observation distance

 250-300 meters

Low light observation distance

 3 meters to infinity


 4x digital zoom

Power supply type

 7.5V; 5 * AA(Not included)


 Multiple countries available

Date stamp imprint

 support date and time setting, date and time are displayed on photo and video

Operation buttons

 6 buttons

Operating temperature

 -20 ℃ to 60 ℃

Storage temperature

 -30 ℃ to 70 ℃

Specification weight

 140 * 48 * 69mm / 192g


 USB data cable, manual


♦ Starlight level SENSOR, which can be observed from a distance without turning on the infrared lamp under low-light conditions. The similar products on the market cannot be seen without turning on the infrared lamp under low-light conditions.

♦ Super bright infrared lamp 250-300M at long distance at night, the similar product in the market is 150M

♦ Simple multi-button operation, 12 countries optional, support date and time setting and date stamp imprint, good user experience; similar products in the market have simple functions, relatively complex operations, and poor user experience

♦ The machine is compact, easy to carry and one-handed operation. The similar products on the market are generally large and inconvenient to carry.

♦ A 10x magnification lens with a diameter of 24mm plus a 4-bit digital zoom to zoom in on distant scenes. The lenses of similar products on the market are 5-8x magnification plus 2x digital zoom.

♦ Photographs and videos can be used to record the observed objects at the time; similar products on the market only have the observation function, but no camera function.

♦ Low light observation distance: 3 meters to infinity.

♦ 1.5 HD TFT internal screen

♦ 960P video resolution.

♦ Photo / video can be taken during the observation

♦ The machine is compact and easy to carry

♦ IP56 waterproof rating 

Package include:

1 x Night Vision Monocular Camcorder