4X35 Night Vision, Thermal Imaging Night Vision, Infrared Multifunction, Outdoor Night Vision Telescope

$82.00 $311.79
  • ▲ Adjust the visual handwheel to adjust to the clearest screen; multi-layer broadband green film, super large objective lens 35mm.
  • ▲ The machine will automatically fine-tune the brightness of the display according to the average brightness of the scene in the center of the screen. ·The up button and down button can realize electronic zoom, and the image electronic magnification range is 1~4 times.
  • ▲ When the ambient light is bright, there is no need to turn on the auxiliary infrared illumination (turn off the auxiliary infrared illumination to save the battery power).
  • ▲ When the ambient light is very dark and the scene is unclear, please turn on the auxiliary infrared illumination and adjust the brightness of the light source to make the observation clear."
  • ▲ If you have any questions, please contact us in time, we will reply you within 24 hours, bring you a satisfactory answer.