6’ x 4’ Double-Sided Mouse Pad Rubber Battle Mat: Incorporation + Saraha + Bag

$75.90 $220.64
  • «MOUSE PAD» MATERIAL - 5/64’’ thick! (2mm or 0.08’’) Matt synthetic fabric on both sides and neoprene rubber inside. Soft and really pleasant to touch. Also, it muffles dice rolling noise.
  • HEAVY DUTY - scratch, bear and water resistant: paints are inside the fabric. You can even wash it with water and iron, colorful sublimation print won't fade or wear! Carrying Bag comes with each mat.
  • TASTY PICTURE - Yes, after all color tests and redesigns finally we touched the spot. Image looks bright and colorful and not too saturared. BTW, image resolution is 21600 x 14400 pxls (300 DPI) and it is more than enough!
  • APPEARANCE AND DESIGN - we are playing games since childhood and tried to bring in the wargaming aura. Design is the main part of this mat. Material only supports the idea.
  • EASY MONEYBACK - as always on Amazon. Until now we had NO returns. 0. Zero. 0%.
  • WIDE RANGE OF GAMES - 72x48 inches gaming board suits Warhammer 40.000 (Wh 40k), Age of Sigmar (AoS), Flames of War, Team Yankee, The Lord of the Rings, Dystopian Wars, the Hobbit, Kings of War, Bolt Action and lots of others.