Ab Roller Wheel Giant Wheel Abdominal Wheel Automatic Rebound Belly Wheel Female Men's Home Mute Belly Wheel Detachable Handle Abdominal Trainers

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*Bold steel pipe: The built-in thickened steel pipe of the belly wheel has strong bearing capacity and the load-bearing range is 150 kg.
*Intelligent Rebound Design: When the abdominal wheel is pushed to a tight state, there will be a rebound function that can be easily reset, and the girl can also perform the abdominal push action independently.
*Core Training: Using the Abdominal Wheel Each repetitive exercise is to exercise the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, knees, shoulders and back. Not only does it help increase back strength, it also reduces the risk of muscle injury.
*Multi-directional exercise muscle: The abdominal wheel can balance the muscles, joints, weight loss, finely engraving the abdominal muscles at any time and anywhere, and shape the tangible body.
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