Abdominal Wheel Fitness Round Fitness Abdomen Male And Female Home Fitness Waist Abdomen Exercise Abdominal Muscle Vest Line Black Core & Abdominal Trainers ( Color : Black , Size : 32x14.5x14.5cm )

$78.98 $309.73
  • Unlike ordinary mini abdominal muscle rollers, this product is made of a big size roller. Since there is a large contact area on the ground, stability and safety are outstanding.
  • All shon you a better choice!Let you have charming abdominal muscle is no longer a dream.
  • Bearing: improve the mechanical efficiency and reduce the friction resistance, the bearing roller is not only flexible but also more quiet.
  • Size:32x14.5x14.5cm.
  • Comfortable non-slip handle: the handle is made of high-quality cotton absorbent, curved and thickened sponge, and the extended handle feels comfortable, anti-slip and anti-sweat and anti-wear.