Adjustable Hydraulic Power Twister Arm Exerciser 10-150KG Home Chest Expander Muscle Shoulder Training Fitness Equipment Arm Enhanced Exercise Strengthener Grip Bar Abdominal Builder

$47.89 $174.15
  • Adjustable power resistance: muscle training device, adjustable voltage levels, the range is: 10- 150 kg. It applies to all stages of arm strength athletes that make their exercises easier or more difficult
  • Bodybuilding: arm trainer chest muscle trainer, great trainer tool to improve the grip and strengthen the strength in fingers, wrists, forearms, back arms, chest, shoulder and back, burn fat, strengthen muscles and reduce stress
  • High-quality materials: Forearm trainer, solid construction, quality handle with ABS handle, non-slip and much safer, perfect for building up upper body strength. for strength training, arm strengthening
  • Easy to set and safe to use: just turn the button left or right, increase or decrease the resistance; With the unique principle of the air pressure system, you only close the handles to be able to train
  • Ergonomic design: wrist and strength training device forearm Vigorous training, safety protection, non-slip handles, great equipment trainer for everyone who is recovering from hand injuries