Archery Compound Bow 30-70lbs Hunting Bow Competition Practice Bow Max Speed 320 fps Adult Archery Shooting Kit — Right Hand

$83.00 $309.70
  • Bow henght:35.4 inch,shooting range:150-300m, draw length:16-31 inches,max speed:320 fps,draw weight :30-70 lbs adjustable,lef off:80%
  • CNC integrated carved cam design,Dual cam system offers a super smooth draw cycle while keeping speed and efficiency
  • The bow handle is made of a lightweight high strength alloy, and the bow limbs is a reinforced composite material.
  • It is very durable and has high stability.Whether you’re going for deer hunting or shooting objects across the yard or forest, this compound bow kit is designed to provide outstanding shooting performance for any target
  • This compound bow kit contains many essential accessories for the compound bow. Comes with bow limbs stabilizer,bow riser stabilizer shooting is quieter