Arm Exercises,Arm Machine Workout System, 4 in 1 Power Twister Chest Expander Adjustable Strength Trainer Pull Exerciser,from 10Kgs to 200Kgs

$94.89 $308.08
  • ✔ Strong Material: Arm Exercises made of double-layer steel tube is firm and durable. The material is strong and more realistic. The training machine has 200 kg bearing capacity.
  • ✔ Free Adjust:One button to easily adjust the strength and 10-200kg free adjustment. Just one turn can be adjusted, faster than car shifting.
  • ✔ Stable Triangle Structure: Arm Exercises's stable triangle center design makes the exercise more stable, which is a safer and more scientific structure.
  • ✔ Easy to Store:The buckle of the handle's bottom is easy to store and convenient to carry. The user-friendly designed rear buckle can be fixed after folding.
  • ✔ Safe Fitness: Professional micro-rebound and refuse to take profiteering rebound. Completely solve the safety hazard for safe fitness with no hurt and safe micro-rebound.