Arm Strength Chest Expander, Arm Exerciser Adjustable 30/40/50/60Kg Multi-Functional Chest Muscle Trainer Fitness Equipment Home

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  • SMT spring technology: improve the compression quality of the inverter. The deformation energy of the spring is as follows: the relationship between the load F (or T) and the deformation F is called the spring characteristic line.
  • Reinforced spring design: We adopt the design concept of two-in-one tensioner and arm, using ten springs to break through the traditional spring arm design, which has a longer service life and is not easy to deform.
  • Adjustable strength: you can slowly increase the weight according to the intensity of your exercise without frequent replacement of the arm force, and the safety performance is higher
  • Safe and not hurting people: the arm force device is composed of 10 springs, the force is evenly distributed, and the protection is not easy to hurt people
  • Not easy to deform: 10 springs are evenly stressed, different weights and pressures in different positions, and the distribution is more scientific and not easy to deform.