Automatic Scoring Electronic Dart Target Set,with Soft Darts 6pcs and 24pcs Dart Head Safety Dart Board

$45.99 $180.35
  • Automatic scoring electronic soft darts target set: adapter x1, safety soft dart x6, dart head x24, English manual; beautiful , the digital circle adopts silver bronzing process, dazzling, beautiful, high-end, atmospheric
  • Multiple ways of playing: 27 large categories,243 ways to play,including the world's universal darts gameplay, new man-machine fight function, you can play against computer players! 4 red high-brightness LED display screens, which can be divided into two teams for competition, up to 16 people can play games at the same time
  • Dual power supply, optional transformer or 4 AA batteries for power supply, no need to worry about finding the power supply indoors and outdoors; dart board mounting position: the center of the dart board is 1.73 meters above the ground; the throwing line is away from the projection line of the dart board on the ground 2.37 meters.
  • Intimate design, there are six dart insertion holes on both sides for easy storage and easy access; double protection, mesh protection outer ring, effectively accept the off-target darts in the area, extend the life of the darts, protect the wall
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