Chest Expanders Traditional, Arm Exercises Tool, Power Exerciser Spring Chest Expander, Adjustable Power Twister Bar Weight Training Arm

$93.64 $288.12
  • Safe Fitness: Double-layer steel tube is sturdy and durable. The material is sturdy and more realistic. Professional micro-bounce, refuse to profiteering rebound. Completely solve the safety hazards of safety hazards, no injuries, and safety rebound.
  • Free Adjustment: one-button easy adjustment of intensity, 10-200kg free adjustment. Only one revolution can be adjusted, which is faster than shifting.
  • Adjustable Manual Exerciser Kit: An excellent exerciser tool that enhances grip and strengthens your fingers, wrists, forearms, hind arms, chest, shoulders and back. Improve the flexibility and muscles of the arm.
  • Ergonomic Design: The stable triangle center design makes the movement more stable, which is a safer and more scientific structure. Suitable for teenagers over 18 years of age.
  • Easy To Store: The buckle on the bottom of the handle is easy to store and easy to carry. The humanized back buckle can be fixed after folding.