CHHCYH Multifunctional Arm Force U-Shaped Exercis 40Kg Hand Developer Strength Trainer for Athletes Fitness Enthusiasts Professionals

$86.98 $346.53
  • ur U-arm grip bar is wrapped with a wear-resistant and tough leather case, so that it does not pinch hair or meat, which is convenient for people to use.
  • U-shaped spring rod is made of double stainless steel springs, U-shaped double stainless steel springs have strong buffering and smooth rebound; elastic foam handles, elastic foam wrap, feel comfortable and do not slip, and can not afford hand cocoons;
  • There are two grooves on both sides of the handle, and different strengths can be selected through different grooves to facilitate human use.
  • The spring bar can exercise your forearm muscles, rotator cuff muscles, pectoral muscles, deltoid muscles(reverse grip). So that you have perfect muscle lines.
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