Children 2-3-4-6-8 Years Old Feet Four-Wheel Swing Car Twisting Yo-yo Slippery Balance Car FANJIANI (Color : Blue, Size : 2)

$82.00 $307.12
  • ▶ Tip: The delivery time of the product is 8-15 days, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us
  • ▶The height is adjustable, it can adapt to the growth of the child, adapt to the baby of different ages, move from 66 cm to 81 cm, suitable for scooters of different ages
  • ▶Flash wheel, wear-resistant high-elastic PU, add a touch of color to each scooter, four-wheel balance support, more stable grip, no rollover, safe and stable
  • ▶Slip-proof and comfortable grip, environmentally friendly and comfortable, the front and rear double brakes of the handbrake and foot brakes are more secure and stable.
  • ▶The non-slip pedal is safe and stable, When the feet are opened and closed, the scooter slides forward through the force of the foot, The operation is simple and easy to learn