Children Scooter 3-in-1 Children's Scooter 1-6 Years Old Skater Can Sit Yo Car Multi-Function Baby Tricycle

$76.79 $230.60
  • Children's smooth scooter, stepping scooter
  • A multi-purpose car, fun to play, three forms of the car, how to play, stimulate the child's athletic talent, can adjust the height, stand can stand, easily convert, scooter conversion seat, button to open the rotation.
  • The triangular stable structure, the chassis combined with the principle of motion mechanics, the front and rear wheels form a unique triangular space, which effectively stabilizes the body and avoids hidden dangers.
  • Intelligent gravity steering, smooth sliding without flipping, the joystick inside is equipped with intelligent sensing shaft, relying on the baby's body strength to naturally tilt, to flexibly control the turning direction.
  • Drawing on the design concept of automobile tires, we choose widened and thickened PU wheel design, which has good wear resistance and shock absorption and noise reduction ability. The baby rides without slip and feels smooth and passes through various road surfaces.