Children's Cycling Sports Equipment Balance car Pulley Protective Gear Camouflage Children's Full Helmet Helmet-Yellow-L(52-56cm)

$85.63 $287.35
  • Removable inner pad, easy to clean, long-wearing and easy to sweat, detachable inner pad, easy to clean, more comfortable to wear
  • Breathable setting, top and back cavitation design is effective to help the brain to replenish heat, aerodynamic design, effectively reduce wind resistance during exercise
  • Sprouting your helmet, let your baby fall in love with the helmet. The cute cartoon pattern is the baby's love, and the mother no longer has to worry that the baby doesn't wear a helmet.
  • The braid has good elasticity, high abrasion resistance and high dust resistance. With high-quality fasteners, the head can be firmly fixed, not easy to fall off or break, fit the face, comfortable and natural
  • Comfortable chin absorbs sweat pads and stabilizes the helmet, effectively reducing the discomfort of long riding. High-quality sweat-absorbing lining for a better fit between the scalp and the helmet, greatly enhancing the comfort of riding