Chinese Checkers, Flying Chess/Chinese Checkers Combination, Wooden Board Table Board Games, Safe and Environmentally Friendly, Flexible and Convenient (Size : 28.528.52cm)

$84.41 $318.53
  • ♥The color of the logs, with bright colors, cartoon patterns, easy to attract the attention of children
  • ♥Flexible and convenient, you can use the pieces to make a variety of different graphics.
  • ♥ Playing chess can activate brain cells and promote the development of thinking. At the same time, as a kind of activity that is good for the body and mind, it can also enrich leisure time.
  • ♥ Chinese checkers game set is simple and fun.
  • ♥You can play up to 6 players at the same time, which is a classic game for family parties and parties.