DM-10 Hunting Waterproof HD 720P Digital Trail Camera ABS Environmention Plastic IR Motion

$55.32 $180.20
Model: DM-10
Color: Camouflage series
Material: ABS(Fuselage material environmental protection plastic)
Waterproof: IP56
Size: 16x10x6cm

Small and lightweight, their own camouflage color is very good , mixed with the outdoor scenery avoiding being aware of.
Full range of clear photos, daytime color pictures, night monochrome pictures, automatic conversion.
The picture accurately records the date, time, temperature, and night moon phase on the picture.
20 meters infrared sensor module, 0.6 seconds to trigger the camera time.
It can support shooting tasks at extremely low temperatures of 22-158 ° F.
Long standby, low battery consumption, can be used up to June.
Easy to disassemble, card bit accurate, easy to fall off after binding.
Battery power lasting for 6 months, built-in charging cable.

Package Includes:
1x Hunting camera
1x USB output cable
1x Nylon strap
1x User Manual