Dog Wheelchair, Adjustable Hind Legs Rehabilitation Disabled Dog Assisted Walk Two Wheels Pet Wheelchair Dog Cart

$52.30 $156.12
1.Specially Designed: The pet wheelchair is designed for the hind legs or limbs of dogs and cats. The height, width and length of the pet wheelchair can be adjusted to suit your pet's body so that they can walk, run and play like healthy pets.
2.Our wheelchair is so light that your pet will walk easily with it.The height\width and length of the pet wheelchair all can be adjustable, it can suit to your pet within limits.
3.Easy to Use: Our wheelchair is easy to be taken apart and put together, you can install it by yourself. A 2-wheel wheelchair is only for the pet hind leg disability, you can raise it's hind legs, if it can walk use it's forelegs, our wheelchair will help it walk.
4.Our pet especially dogs needs lot of sports, but when they handicapped they can not play out side ,it will make they fell lonely.It is not good for their treatment. The wheelchair is specially designed for dogs and cats with hind legs, so that they can run and play with you.
5.Money Back Guarantee: I believe that our products will make you satisfied. If you are not satisfied with the delivery, please contact us through Amazon mail and we will give you a full refund immediately. I hope our products can help your beloved pet. . Wish your pet a speedy recovery!