Dumbbell Bench, Supine Board Multi-Function Household Adjustable Waist and Abdomen Fitness Equipment Movement Widened to Increase Abdominal Machine 140x32x60cm Weight Bench with Weights

$85.16 $313.09
  • The back support bar adopts U-shaped bridge design, scientifically disperses gravity, and the bearing is stronger and more stable.
  • Bold and increase the foam, feel the body and refreshing fitness, lengthen the thick legs, non-slip feet, stable anti-slip
  • Cross plug, 3 fixed, multi-speed adjustment, suitable for all kinds of people, fitness step by step
  • The weight bench is made of soft leather and filled with high-density foam padding to provide maximum comfort for your exercise.
  • Long-term use of our products can effectively exercise your shoulders, arms, waist, hips and legs. 10 minutes a day, eliminate obesity, increase muscle strength, relieve pain, and create a perfect body shape.