Electric Balance Car,Self-Balancing Car Detachable Portable Rod Two-Wheeled Intelligent Electric Car,Electric Car Balance for Adults and Children

$95.19 $332.83
  • ❤ The power of smart somatosensory chip technology is better than that of the same price balance car, the main control chip is superior, the balance sensing ability is stronger, and the performance is significantly improved
  • ❤ Replaceable joystick is more ideal than expected, adjustable foot bar, 10CM adjustable height range, adjustable handle, 25CM adjustable height range
  • ❤ 10-inch non-slip tire for all terrains. Non-slip foot pedal, user-friendly fender, comfortable foot control, hidden charging port
  • ❤ Power-on security self-test / smart battery monitoring / low battery protection / multi-dimensional protection / novice protection mode / intelligent alarm system
  • ❤ You can control through the mobile app, adjust sensitivity, speed, light, etc. according to your own habits, truly unmanned, casual, entertaining and traveling