EXPRESS with Curve Technology Vibration Platform by Tony Little – 1 Workout DVD - 5 Programmed Workouts – Bluetooth Speaker – 1lb Weights

$66.94 $200.42
  • GREATER RANGE OF MOTION: Not everyone has the same capabilities when it comes to range of motion. The Curve Technology of the Body Express Platform allows more range of motion and gets more muscles involved than a typical vibration platform. You can choose to stay standing or add other traditional exercises, such as squats, lunges, or push-ups, for a total body exercise moves.
  • STRENGTHEN AND TONE YOUR MUSCLES: Utilize your body’s own reflexes to tone your muscles without ever leaving the house. Whether you are a beginner or have advanced training, the Body Express with Curve Technology Vibration Platform is the perfect way to stimulate and tone your muscles at your own pace.
  • PERSONALIZE YOUR WORKOUT: With 99 levels of resistance and two 1-pound weights, you get to create the workout you desire, from beginner to expert levels. Our platform is preset with 5 programmed 15-minute workouts to help guide your exercises. It also includes a DVD with 2 different workouts you can complete with and without weights.
  • EQUIPPED WITH BLUETOOTH: Using Bluetooth technology, you can play music with your cellphone or use our remote to control the speed and duration of your workout. The LCD control panel displays the time, speed, and distance. Remote requires 2 AA batteries.
  • EASY STORAGE: Complete with rubber pads and wheels for easier movement, our vibration platform won’t scratch your surfaces and can easily be stored away. Get inspired and roll out your Body Express with Curve Technology Vibration Platform anytime, then easily store away once finished.