Flex Bike Desk Pro Plus with Resistance Bands for Upper and Lower Body Training

$61.65 $214.81
  • CARDIO RIGHT AT HOME: The Flex Bike Desk Pro allows you to have absolutely killer, heart pumping workouts for both your upper and lower body while also allowing you to use your laptop to work or surf the web at the same time. Hello multitasking!
  • AWESOME EXERCISES: Built-in resistance bands for upper and lower body workouts with three adjustable levels of intensity give you more than cardio training. Additionally, the LCD display has four fitness modes: speed, time, distance and heart rate.
  • BRING THE OUTDOORS INSIDE: Accelerating, pushing up from the saddle and recovering are all natural and dynamic total body movements for outdoor cyclists. Climbing steep hills and sprinting also involves serious upper and lower body engagement, just like biking outside!
  • BIG WORKOUT, SMALL PACKAGE: Flex Bike Pro features a convenient, fold up design. It makes it ideal for apartments and dorms and can easily be stored and transported. So many great training programs in one awesome machine!
  • FITNATION: Fitnation takes pride in providing state-of-the-art fitness equipment at affordable prices for great, immersive and dynamic workouts in the comfort of your home.