Foldylock Clipster Folding Bike Lock | Wearable Compact Bicycle Lock | Heavy Duty Fold Bike Lock | Anti Pick Bike Folding Lock with Key Set | Weight 2.2lb

$75.07 $252.76
  • THE ORIGINAL WEARABLE FOLDING BIKE LOCK – Don’t settle for cheap imitation brands. The SeatyLock Foldylock Clipster is the original folding bike lock with a patented joint protection system. It comes in two sleek colors: Red and Black.
  • CONVENIENT AND EASY TO CARRY – It comes with a handy clip, so you can secure it to your belt, backpack or bag. No more loud, clanking bike locks! At only 2.2lbs you might forget it’s on your belt.
  • HEAVY DUTY DESIGN CAN’T BE CUT, DRILLED OR BROKEN – Security rating 14 out of 18 - We put the Foldylock Clipster through the wringer. We tried sawing, drilling, chiseling, hammering and freezing the lock off and it could NOT be done. Even heavy duty bolt cutters stood no chance!
  • SECURELY LOCKS ANYTHING FROM A BIKE TO A SCOOTER – Throw away unsightly and cumbersome locks and chains. Use this compact metal lock to secure bicycles, electric bikes and scooters, skateboards and more. The hard steel links are rust-proof, perfect for long term outdoor use.
  • INCLUDES SET OF 3 KEYS… NO MORE COMBINATION LOCKS - It’s tough enough to remember all of your passwords let alone the combination to a bike lock. That won’t be an issue with Foldylock Clipster. Each lock comes with three keys to quickly open the lock. You’ll always have a spare!