Free Standing Punching Bag Speed Ball Reflex Boxing Stress Release Fitness Trainer Adjustable Height 49-65"

$45.43 $139.78
  • 1. The surface of the boxing ball adopts high-density PU leather and four-layer thick PU protection measures to prevent bursting and effectively improve impact resistance. The stainless steel strong spring and base are made of ABS engineering plastic, which is both environmentally friendly and healthy.
  • 2. 8 vacuum suction cups are used for the bottom of boxing balls. Strong suction, not easy to be knocked down, high elasticity will not hurt your hands, wind and rain.
  • 3. Boxing ball has good shock absorption effect, safer and quieter, strong rebound force, uniform force, effective rebound at nearly 90 °.
  • 4. Boxing sandbags can be used on cement floors, ceramic tiles, wooden floors, carpets and other grounds. They have strong stability and will not affect the ground.