Freestanding Boxing Bag Inflatable Punching Bag Freestanding Fitness Punching Boxing Bag Suitable for Children and Adults Boxing Target Bag Fitness Exercise Decompression

$92.99 $314.16
  • ★ High-quality PVC: Inflatable boxing columns are made of high-quality PVC materials. With a height of about 63 inches / 160 cm, it rebounds quickly and softly. Perfect for everyone to exercise and play
  • ★ Safe and durable: Sturdy PVC material ensures safety and durability. In addition, soft rubber is filled in the boxing ring and sealed
  • ★ How to use: Open the bottom and fill it with water or sand to increase the weight and make it stand on the ground stably.
  • ★ Very suitable for fitness: Inflatable sandbags are very suitable for fitness and pressure. Improve coordination and flexibility, burn calories and reduce stress, while increasing flexibility and hand-eye coordination. Every time you play, it is an ideal choice for Taekwondo training. Both adults and children can use it.
  • ★ Practical and safe: The training column can be folded and stored. It is practical, safe, and ideal for children ’s boxing coaches, because there is no risk of injury, allowing you to burn calories and release stress. It is definitely a perfect gift