Hanging Heavy Duty Boxing Punching Bag, Sandbags with 360° Rotating Chain Fitness Boxing Bag Boxing Punch Bag, for MMA Fight Karate Fitness Workout

$47.71 $172.86
  • ★ Sandbag: Boxing sandbag material: high-grade wear-resistant leather microfiber material, thick high-elastic foam. Promote exercise while helping to improve agility and hand-eye coordination. It is suitable for balcony, martial arts, living room, office, gym.
  • ★ 360 Degree Free Rotation: Long and thick anti-rust chain, 360 degree free rotation without knots, let you hit punching bag thoroughly without twisting, close to professional training standards(Only more than one meter)
  • ★ High-grade wear-resistant leather microfiber skin: boxing sandbag, thick wear-resistant, tear-resistant high-grade wear-resistant leather microfiber material, high elastic polyurethane disposable molding lining, high elasticity and damage resistance, small depression, fast recovery
  • ★ Design: the cross-shaped cross-belt at the bottom of the hanging sandbag, 5 cm wide design, no worries at the end. The tape is made of knitting technology, which is firm and stable. Sandbag from being deformed due to the impact process, increasing the load-bearing capacity and stability of the sandbag, and hitting it evenly and evenly.
  • ★The sandbags do not include sand and need to be filled by themselves. The fillings can be filled with "sand, clothing, rice, foam, etc." according to their own needs.