Intelligent Boxing Ball Exercise Speed Reaction Ball Fight Tumbler Vertical Vent Decompression Home Children Adult Training Sports Fitness Equipment

$45.28 $133.96
  • 1. The boxing ball includes six-axis induction intelligent recognition, which can obtain the striking speed and direction in real time, the ball status light guide plus APP sound feedback, and a rich online teaching course.
  • 2. Fun boxing mode, support uploading photos to transform hitting objects, real virtual beating effect.
  • 3. The surface of the ball is made of nylon woven PU fabric with smooth touch and good touch. The inner liner of PVC material has shockproof function and does not hurt the hand. The double nylon gauge line is beautiful and explosion-proof, strong and durable.
  • 4. Vertical hard metal steel pipe, full mold manufacturing mode, precise welding, better stability and no rust, long-term hitting is not easy to break, and can withstand the torture of time.