Leather Boxing Speed Ball 110cm-150cm Children's Adult Vertical sandbag Training Equipment, Home Tumbler Boxing sandbags Vent Ball

$62.85 $227.72
  • 1. Accessories: ABS base, high-density PU quick-impact ball, screw matching kit, high-quality spring steel, thick steel pipe bracket, high-density foam protective cover.
  • 2. Adjust the height according to the height of the individual 110-150cm: height adjustment knob, loosen the knob to adjust the height of the ball head, the bottom can be adjusted to 110cm, the maximum can be adjusted to 150cm
  • 3. High-quality boxing solid speed ball: high-grade PU material, matte treatment, resistance to hitting, good resilience, relieve stress, relieve stress, vent emotions, adjust mentality.
  • 4. ABS environmentally-friendly base: The base is made of engineering plastic ABS, which is more durable and durable. After installation, water or sand can be injected into the base to be used.
  • 5. High-quality spring steel: good rebound effect, high resistance, high safety, maximum swing angle up to 180°, base diameter 47cm, base height 22cm, solid ball diameter 20cm.