Leather Hot Yoga Mat - Lightweight, Moisture Wicking, Non-Slip Surface For Grip Even During Sweatiest Exercise Sessions. Made From Eco-Friendly Natural Tree Rubber (Black)

$75.14 $229.09
  • MADE FOR SWEATY HOT YOGA SESSIONS - No more sliding around. No towel needed. Less to carry & wash. Makes getting to & enjoying sessions so much easier. Lighter & easier to tote around & clean.
  • NO TOWEL NEEDED - Polyurethane leather that was designed exclusively for very sweaty intense hot yoga sessions. The non-slip surface lets you focus on your practice & perform deep & rejuvenating moves without losing physical or mental balance. Moisture Wicking for secure grip. Durable & Anti-bacterial.
  • STAY PERFECTLY ALIGNED - Central line helps you find evenness, width-ways. Mirrored logos on both ends help keep your hands & feet aligned length-ways. Find inspiration & focal points facing forward or backward.
  • BALANCE MIND & BODY - Natural tree rubber, non-slip surface lets you focus on your practice. Eco friendly. Stay centered throughout your practice & keep your body & mind in good alignment.
  • MORE SPACE - Carefully designed for all body shapes & sizes. Gives you that extra bit of practice space & is wider than normal yoga matts. Perfect for taller or plus size yoggies. Dimensions: 72" Long x 24" Wide x 2mm Thick.