life Adjustable Home Fitness Dumbell, Lady Small Dumbbell Home Training Exercise Workout Training Dumbbell

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  • ◆ Modify Muscle Lines◆ Long-term adherence to exercises can modify muscle lines, enhance muscle endurance, and avoid occupational diseases such as weakness in the limbs, shoulder aches, and joint pain
  • ◆Easy to Use◆ Dumbbells are a simple piece of equipment. Exercise dumbbells are not restricted by the venue and are easy to learn
  • ◆Weight◆ Without steel block, one hand weighs 1KG, adding two steel blocks, one hand weighs 1.5KG. Add all steel blocks and weigh 2KG with one hand
  • ◆Adjust Exercise Intensity◆ Dumbbells can be removed at will, making it easy for you to adjust your exercise intensity
  • ◆Suitable for Women◆ Stylish appearance, beautiful colors, suitable for women's fitness