Lightweight Ski Pole Ski Poles Telescopic Adjustable Collapsible Kids Junior Downhill/Alpine Ski Poles Pair Baskets 65cm to 135cm A Pair

$79.07 $230.52
  • User friendly for beginners and strong enough for thru-hikers, Strong enough to withstand the pressure and the impact of various terrain
  • ✦Material:Aluminum Grip,Screw them all the way up as much as they can go up to make sure you don't lose them when skiing.
  • ✦These poles have an adjustable nylon strap wrapped in neoprene for that super cozy comfort around your wrist.
  • ✦This pole is made of lightweight aluminum,which has a very high strength to weight ratio,and they are quite stiff.
  • ✦Ski poles Telescopic adjustable kids junior ski poles 65cmto135cm pair New,features allows for fast and easy height adjustment.