Multifunctional Weight Bench,Sit-up Board Workout Bench Multi-Function Abdominal Board Household Adjustable Multi-Functional Fitness Equipment Supine Board

$75.52 $284.98
  • Home Experience Pavilion Experience: This practical workbench provides a safe and convenient way to achieve your fitness goals in a comfortable home!
  • Adjustable: Adjustable height can help you challenge various training difficulties and achieve higher goals.
  • Comfortable and safe design: This table cushion provides more support for your spine, allowing you to exercise more efficiently.
  • Increase the footrest foam: When the exercise, the leg can be stressed to get a better cushioning effect. When the force is applied, it is not painful and increases the comfort.
  • Double folding: Easy two-step, fast folding storage, easy to put in the corner after folding, can also be easily placed in the closet.