Muscle Training Arm Muscle Training Machine Chest Expander, Adjustable Hydraulic Pressure from 10-200Kgs/22-440Lbs, Abdominal Builder with Strengthener Grip Bar

$44.46 $147.22
  • [Dual Carbon Steel] Our hydraulic arm exerciser is made of high-density double carbon steel, engineering plastics and hydraulic cylinders. It has passed the durability test and will not be easily deformed and broken! The special non-slip texture design prevents accidental shedding, which not only brings you a safer fitness experience, but also has excellent wear resistance, which can maximize the service life!
  • [Adjustable resistance] The electric resistance of this electric stranded wire can be adjusted by rotating the knob, the range is: 22-440lbs / 10-200kg. When your strength level increases, you do not need to buy new strength, it is suitable for any stage of arm strength training enthusiasts. Easily turn the knob left and right to increase or decrease resistance to meet your needs in different training stages throughout your fitness career.
  • [Hydraulic protection] Please throw away those spring-powered twisters and try our hydraulic power twister, which is safer and more durable due to the patented hydraulic adjustment system principle. There is no danger of the spring breaking, and it will not bounce or hurt you!
  • [Full-closed hydraulic cylinder] Unlike other spring fitness machines, our power twister uses a fully-closed hydraulic cylinder to provide you with a stable resistance strength that will not weaken over time!
  • [Golden ratio triangle structure] The unique golden ratio triangle structure, with 10 reinforced rivets, makes the arm trainer have a greater load-bearing capacity, always maintain a stable state, and ensure safe use.