Night Vision Device, Infrared Night Vision Camera, Monocular Telescope With Night Vision, Magnification Function, Suitable For Observing Outdoor Birds, Can Be Used During The Day And Night.,Without he

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  • Long-distance observation and protection: built-in infrared light illuminator, can observe 200M in completely dark environment, use during the day or night (can be turned on or off according to your needs during the day)
  • Clear and wide field of view: 2x magnification of night vision telescope, 73920pixel resolution rectangular field of vision can see clearer and farther at night, with eyes like wolf at night.
  • Many uses: such as night observation, hunting wild animals and exploring caves, night vision goggles amplify light sources to easily find prey without being detected by prey. The high friction of the cover rubber makes it difficult to slip off.
  • Precision electronics: for viewing objects at night and dusk. To meet extremely low light levels, night vision devices use 850nm infrared to illuminate the light source and turn on the power switch to adjust the brightness when changing.
  • Easily put in a backpack: 6 * 12cm night vision can be observed with one hand. Putting 253g in a pocket or backpack will not increase your troubles in field observation and running hunting.