Olympic Weight Benches Multifunctional Weight-lifting Bed Weight-lifting Machine Fitness Equipment Home Indoor Sports

$84.37 $246.70
  • Multifunctional machine stretching, leg training, push-ups and sit-ups, adjustable flat backrest and reclining backrest, can provide various strengths
  • Dozens of fitness functions are integrated, which is equivalent to a small fitness library
  • The backrest can be set to different drop levels, which allows you to exercise on different muscle groups per inch.
  • This new type of foldable weight bed is made of high-grade steel, which helps to target and adjust specific muscle groups.
  • Fully foldable, easy to store. Product weight: 81.6 lbs / 37 kg; Product size: 129x80x255cm / 50.7x31.5x100.4; Load-bearing: 440LBS / 200kg; Contain: 1 x multifunctional weightlifting bed 1x manual