Pedal Exerciser, Under-Desk Elliptical Mini Stepper, Slip Pedal, Display Monitor and Adjustable Resistance, Quiet & Compact Home Office Trainer Fitness Peddler

$80.70 $247.55
  • [Multi-function smart meter]: Accurate measurement, real-time grasp of exercise status, steps, exercise time, calories, the screen will automatically turn off after 3 minutes of stopping exercise, enter power saving mode, exercise data accumulation calculation, will continue the last time when exercise again Parameter display
  • [Strong double hydraulic resistance]: Double consumption, improve exercise effect, 240 kg super load-bearing, 30 pound resistance is better, double hydraulic balance
  • [Two-way stepping]: Swaying left and right, stepping up and down, three-dimensional fat burning, physical slimming challenge to fat; thickened cold-rolled steel pipe, stronger load-bearing, up to 240 kg, good toughness, anti-fracture, stronger
  • [Motion angle]: Golden 38 ° in accord with human kinematics, stepless variable resistance adjustment, 38 ° golden angle, the size of the nut can be adjusted freely
  • [Abrasion-resistant foot]: Massage pedal, enjoy comfortable sports experience, non-slip bump particles, foot point massage