Personalized 'Dart Room - No Cheating No Fighting' Dartboard & Cabinet Set with 6 Steel Tip Darts | Home Bar Wall Art, Game Room Family Fun

$73.56 $235.77
  • Dartboard and imprinted cabinet set with traditional board (301 or cricket) and baseball darts on the reverse side | Custom wall art when closed, cricket dart board accessories scoreboard set when opened.
  • Perfect addition to a man cave, basement or family room | Turn any space into a pool or billiard hall, or dart parlour with this exquisite set.
  • Personalized, full color design imprinted on both wooden cabinet doors | Coated finish protects from impacts and magnetic door lock keeps the unit closed when not in use | Scoreboard has a chalk board finish and set comes with chalk and eraser.
  • Two sets of steel tip plastic starter darts are included | Durable dart design to handle errant throws and bounce outs.
  • Easy to Use Mounting Hardware for Quick Installation at standard / regulation height | Dimensions 21.5”x 21”x 2.125” inches