Portable Outdoor Hammock Set with Stand Holder Bag for Outdoor Beach Camping and Indoor Use

$75.80 $264.11
  • hammock with stand consists of a hammock, a hammock and a bag. Each product in this offer is made of the highest quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship, and guarantees quality and durability. Therefore, you can easily carry kids hammock for various outdoor activities. In addition, the hammock can support up to 200Kg of weight, so even two people can lie down without worrying.
  • kids hammock Before use, make sure to lock all plastic nuts and S-shaped hooks.
  • kids hammock Do not let young children use hammocks or be accompanied by adults.
  • Maximum load 200Kg, do not exceed the load limit of 300 pounds. (This load limit has been tested and can be moved gently back and forth on a hammock. If you are standing still, the load limit is about 440 pounds.)
  • hammock with stand Small size, light weight, easy to carry and store, comfortable and easy to use, hammocks outdoor very suitable for various outdoor activities, hammocks outdoor provides you with incredible outdoor leisure time, suitable for outdoor camping, travel, beach and indoor