Professional Training Gloves Gen3Pro Toxic

$61.57 $224.71
  • The Gen3Pro series of gloves is the third generation of professional training gloves by Ultimatum Boxing totally focused on functional performance and durability. They are designed for use in all types of boxing workout: bag, mitts, sparring. Carefully handcrafted for professional use. Made of premium quality genuine cowhide leather.
  • The punch part is padded with the InnerForceG-Nano proprietary formula polymer foam combination which ensures 70% absorption of impact force in the wide range of punch speed and power. Unlike most of the gloves padded with general purpose foams we designed the InnerForceG-Nano padding specifically for use in a boxing glove. This means that the padding of your Ultimatum gloves will not bottom-out and will preserve its protective properties throughout the whole lifetime of the gloves.
  • The inside layer of foam has a closed-cell structure. Why is this important? The majority of gloves all around the world utilize general purpose open-cell foams which suck moisture as a sponge. We don’t want your gloves to become a friendly environment for smell-generating bacteria. That is why we use a closed-cell foam, which doesn’t soak water and dries out quickly.
  • The gloves ensure 100% natural tight and easy grip, which is essential for long sparring sessions and appropriate hand protection. The thumb compartment is big enough to allow unrestrained thumb positioning inside the glove and perfectly angled. The thumb compartment remains same on all sizes to allow comfortable switch to lighter gloves and back.
  • The gloves have a well padded 5 inches long cuff, 4 inches wide hook-and-loop strap and two stiffeners along the wrist on the inner side of the glove. The combination of these three ensures easy and tight closure and excellent wrist fixation.