Punching Boxing Kit Training Bag Set with 1 Pair Gloves for Anti-Stress Fitness for Teenagers Adult Men Kids

$75.23 $256.76
  • Tested by Rigorously Being Bent to the Same Point over 120,000 Times without any Issue
  • Build Skills & Have Fun: The Punching Ball can Provide Hours of Entertainment and will Raise the Heart Rate to Give a Kid a Great Workout! The Bag also Helps to Build Timing and Speed. Plus, it Improves Hand-eye Coordination
  • Goes Back In Place All By Itself: The Spring Mounted Stand Returns the Punching Ball to you After it's Hit and is much Safer than a Swinging Bag
  • This Product is Especially Designed for Casual Training and Professional Purpose, Perfect for Novice Boxer or Fitness Enthusiasts.
  • So Easy To Use: You can Get the Punching Ball Inflated in no Time, and the Stand Assembles in just Minutes