Semi 4.0 Add-On

$83.28 $310.75
  • The semi 4. 0 add-on will transform your semi 4. 0 rack into a 4 bike carrier. It is a zero frame contact ideal for carbon bike frames. The ratcheting arms secure down making contact with the wheels only. The rack fits most frame sizes, shapes and styles: fits 20" - 29" wheels and can accommodate a wheel base from 37" - 50". may not fit all bikes with fenders. The long folding pin function allows this rack to fold up flush against the back of the vehicle. It's user friendly, quick and easy to assemble. The semi 4. 0 add on is equipped with integrated locking cables so that you can lock your bike to the rack. The rack has a sleek, modern design with hints of green making it an attractive rack with aesthetic appeal. This rack is a rugged combination of strength and versatility. It's finished with a powder coat that is durable and rust resistant. It is has a limited lifetime .
  • Carries 1 or 2 bikes
  • Fits: 64698 semi 4. 0
  • Max load: 45 lbs. per bike
  • Zero frame contact; ratcheting arms only grab the wheels
  • Integrated locking cable included