Ski Pole Quick-Locking Trekking Pole Foldable for Quick and Easy Height Adjustment of The Ski Poles from 36 cm to 135 cm Suitable for Hiking Walks

$83.05 $247.91
  • Endurance ski racing pole for young skiers, the handle is designed with an elastic strap for small hands, aluminum construction, extra lightweight and sturdy handle, steel tip for any type of track.
  • ✦ Ski poles can be adjusted to adjust the children's primary ski poles from 36 cm to 135 cm for quick and easy height adjustment.
  • This rod is made of lightweight aluminum with a very high strength to weight ratio and is very hard.
  • ✦Material: Aluminum handles, twist as far as possible to ensure they are not lost when skiing.
  • ✦These poles have an adjustable nylon strap wrapped in neoprene to make your wrist more comfortable.