Smart Personal Gym Intelligent 4-in-1 Workout Equipment Set Training Muscle

$45.37 $147.31
  • Smart Handle Modular Connection:With 3D Gyro Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Radio Frequency Sensors and Infrared Sensors are housed within a ridged aluminum frame. The handles are modular, with a common adapter that plugs into all of Move It’s workout equipment.
  • 4-in-1 Workout Solution: It includes 4 seperate pieces of training equipment-Ab Wheel, Jump Rope, Pushup Stands, Resistance Band that can effextively target your cardio and muscle endurance trainings.
  • Train with Programs: It offers multiple professional training programs from beginners to professional level and virtual gym room for routine training. We’ve partnered with professional instructors to create effective programs suitable for every type of fitness level.
  • Real-time Synchronisation with App: It can shows your personal data immediately: rep counting, calories tracking, time tracking. Also, you can store the stats in the cloud and update your challenge every day.
  • Expand Your Social Circle: In the Gym Room/Quick Start mode, you can actively see people who are also working out with the same equipment and find a workout buddy. Also you can send challenges to your friends, have fund and grows stronger together.