Smart Punching Bag Freestanding Reflex Boxing Ball With Bluetooth Sensor-Adjustable Height(52.7-68In) for Releasing Stress

$76.12 $273.81
  • Move It: A leading smart hardware and software company which developing products and community experiences that help people stay connected and get motivated to keep fit and healthy.
  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IS FIRST: If you are unsatisfied in any way with this product, we will refund your money or give you a replacement, no question asked. Please contact with us at first time when you are unhappy with this inflatable punching ball set.
  • ADVANCED SMART BOXING: The world's first smart boxing ball that includes a 6-axis gyroscope sensor centered beneath the bag detects and calculates punch intensity from multiple directions. Progressive patented sensing technology will track the direction of each strike, tempo, accuracy, total punches, and average strike speed.
  • ADJUSTABLE REBOUND SPEED: The rebound speed of our standing boxing bag can be changed by adjusting the spring. Hard alloy springs can respond to powerful blows at any time, and rebound reliably and safely. This allows the spring mounted punching bag to bounce back into position every time after every hit. Rebound up to 180°.
  • PERSONAL ONLINE TRAINER: Follow along and learn the fundamental punching strikes and defensive positioning in real-time boxing. Check your punching performance data at the end of workout session. No matter what your fitness level or goal is, the app meets the required training courses(some are free).
  • RELIEF YOUR PRESSURE: The program design of MoveIt speed bag has a unique game mode that increase the boxing experience. Take on the included half-finger leather gloves and simply touch the settings to upload the objects you want to punch to release the accumulated pressure.
  • INTERACTION BOXING EXPERIENCE: The punching ball has a challenge mode to challenge friends for higher scores, keep participating in exercise, play against partners, add pictures of each other's profile, and improve the leaderboard. Be the number one "Boxer" in the community.