Solar Viewing Package 50mm H-Alpha Refractor Telescope with 4mm Blocking Filter – Solar-Only Model, Great for Sun Explorers (LS50THa B400)

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  • Size: LS 50mm  |  Color: Solar Viewing Package
  • BEST SOLAR TELESCOPE: professional LS50 solar telescope would be a wonderful companion for astronomy enthusiasts, scientists, researchers, and so on. This precision-based space telescope offers an easy portable traveling set up and is ideal for ‘grab-and-go’! PERFECT TELESCOPES FOR BEGINNERS: The Lunt LS50THa Solar Telescope, complete with a Pressure Tuner, provides the basic essentials perfect for a first time introduction to solar observing. Also it includes the newest technology for fine tuning, allowing basic research of the Sun’s disk and some surface details. LS50THa Specifications: Type: Single Interference Etalon Tuning: Internal Pressure Tune (Doppler True Tuning) 1.25 inch diagonal and adapter Aperture: 50 mm Focal Length: 350 mm F Ratio: F7 Bandpass: <0.75 Angstroms @ 656 nm Focuser: Helical Focuser Blocking Filter: B400 Diagonal or B600 Diagonal Mounting: Integrated clamshell style with 1/4-20 tapped base Color: Pearl White with Black and Red accents Lunt 12mm Eyepiece Lunt LS50THa Hard Case
  • BEST FOR SOLAR VIEWING - Our 50mm Solar Telescope is perfect for viewing the sun including solar coronas, flares and eclipses. Please select another size or package for telescopes with nighttime capabilities.
  • PERFECT VIEW OF THE SUN: The Lunt Solar Telescope (50mm) offers guaranteed protection through its filters and components while viewing the sun in the Hydrogen Alpha Wavelength.
  • SKY & TELESCOPE MAGAZINE 2015 HOT PRODUCT: Lunt has been featured as having breathtaking solar telescopes among our peers. The LS50 is the newest and highest quality solar telescope for beginners on the market!
  • CAMERA COMPATIBLE: Amazing, beautiful, & gorgeous pictures can be accomplished using the LS50 Solar Viewing Package. The B400 Solar Blocking Filter with the 16mm Lunt eyepiece offers a larger overall view of the sun for solar photography. Does not include camera or adapters.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Lunt Solar Systems is very proud to put “Made in the USA” on all our Telescopes and Filter products. All of our products including our solar telescopes are tested on the sun and are SUNsafe certified.